Real Estate Mobile Marketing, Why Realtors Need a Mobile Marketing Strategy

by Michael Armstrong

Mobile Marketing for Realtors

Mobile Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents

With the housing market still suffering, realtors may be finding it more difficult than ever to close sales. Real estate mobile marketing can be a differentiator that can help you compete in an increasingly competitive arena. Mobile marketing for realtors can help move foot and drive-by traffic to viewings and turn those viewings more efficiently into closings.

There are a number of mobile marketing services realtors can use to break free from the herd. Real estate brokers are encouraging use of QR codes on yard signs, mobile texting of new listings to buyers where and how they want to receive it.

For those with just a little technical knowledge and low-cost mobile marketing software, mobile phone marketing for realtors can be simple to implement.

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If you lack the basic technical skills to set up your own real estate mobile marketing program, there are a number of mobile marketing companies that can help you develop your strategy and carry it out on your behalf.

Property managers can also benefit from using a mobile marketing strategy to fill empty units, whether for commercial or residential properties. Mobile marketing companies are available to work with real estate brokers or property managers to decide what blend of mobile marketing services and tools will best meet your needs. They will assist you with selecting the right mobile marketing software as well as make it very cost effective to use their services.

From mobile websites to QR codes and mobile texting to mobile apps, mobile phone marketing for realtors is an emerging market you can tap into now to increase closing rates. Real estate mobile marketing using QR codes can be implemented such that when a potential buyer scans the QR code on a yard sign it takes them directly to a mobile website that shows some of the best features of the property. It will also invite them to click for instant access to the realtor to set up an on-the-spot viewing.

When they click, they get a text and so do you. The text to the buyer can give them either a click-to-call number with your name or the lockbox code along with your information. Your text will let you know the number of the person interested in the house so you can let them know you are close by and can meet them at the property or offer a time for a showing.

There are no limits to how you can use mobile marketing for realtors to engage with potential buyers. Once they click to text with you, you can use your special mobile marketing software for real estate brokers to reach out to them when you have a similar property in that area for them to consider.

You can also ask them what their search criteria is and other information to enhance how you can engage with them and to offer information on relevant properties using your mobile marketing for realtors tools.

Mobile marketing companies that specialize in working with property managers and realtors know how to develop an effective mobile marketing strategy for you. The real estate segment is one of the most important markets for mobile marketing agencies to serve and much of their time and resources are spent devising strategies specific to real estate brokers.

Even if you decide to go it on your own, meeting with them will allow you to see what strategies they are using for other realtors. This will give you some idea of whether you want to use their services, select a different company or try to develop the mobile marketing strategy and tools for yourself.

Whatever option you choose, mobile marketing for realtors can reinvigorate stagnant properties, engage buyers who are dragging their feet and entice new prospects into considering your properties.

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