Outsource your Mobile Application Development to India

by Michael Armstrong

Mobile App Outsourcing is Taking Off and India Is the Leader

Mobile App OutsourcingMobile apps are the fasting growing segment of mobile marketing. Experts project that by 2015, annual mobile apps downloads will top 98 billion, so like it or not, mobile apps are here to stay. Mobile app development is all about business – believe it or not. Think about Angry Birds lite – it’s an indirect conduit for banner ads for a variety of businesses.

Facebook and Twitter mobile apps also have ads. We’ve grown so accustomed to seeing advertising on our digital screens that we often don’t think about them. But mobile apps can also be a direct way for you to reach and engage your customers. You may think that mobile app development is only available to large companies with plush marketing budgets and at one time, that may have been true when app development could cost $50,000 or more per app.

But as mobile app development has grown, so too have resources for offshore mobile app development. Outsourcing to India and other English-speaking countries has grown over the years and outsourcing mobile apps is no different. Technical education and standards in India are so high that even top corporations like Microsoft, GE and Apple use countries like India for outsourcing.

Outsourcing iPhone apps and Android apps to India can be easily accomplished through reputable online portals such as Odesk and Elance. These are two of the best resources for offshore mobile app development for your small business or organization. Mobile app development through outsourcing can now cost just a few hundred to a few thousand dollars compared to the tens of thousands they used to cost not so long ago.

Offshore mobile app development is available for either of the major mobile app platforms. Small business owners just like you are now able to outsource iPhone apps and Android apps to contractors in India for pennies on the dollar compared to the cost of mobile app development in the US.

To get started with a small business mobile app, you need a concept, preferably more than one in case the first one doesn’t work out. It can tie directly to your business, such as an app for restaurant owners that allows customers to view your menu and order takeout or delivery. Another example is a retail shop that displays merchandise and allows online purchasing.

Landscapers or contractors could offer apps that do virtual design so people can see what your services can do to beautify their homes or lawns.

Once you have an idea, you’re ready to outsource mobile apps development to India and other places around the world. Whether you want to outsource for Android or iPhone apps, websites such as Odesk and Elance are the best options for outsourcing mobile app development.

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These are much more secure than trying to go it alone. Elance offers an escrow option that will keep your funds secure until your digital product has been delivered to you and is deemed satisfactory. Odesk also has a system to ensure that you get what you pay for and both sites protect both contractors and project owners.

Once you are ready to launch a mobile app for your small business, outsourcing it to a country like India and elsewhere is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to promote your brand and increase business.

Take your small business marketing plan to the next level and look into new marketing strategies like SMS marketing, mobile websites and mobile app marketing.  

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