Mobile Websites for Auto Parts Shops and Automotive Repair

by Michael Armstrong

Mobile Websites for Auto Repair ShopsThe way that your customers browse the web is changing. Each day, more and more people rely on their mobile devices, such as tablets and phones, to browse the internet. This is not a bad thing. In fact, for Auto Repair shops and automotive parts suppliers in particular, it may be a very good thing. That is, as long as you have a mobile website.

The fact of the matter is, mobile websites are necessary for every business in this day and age. However, Auto Repair shops, in particular, have a lot to gain from this new shift in technology.

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Mobile Websites for Auto Repair Shops – Mobile Solutions for Mobile Problems

Your customers are on the move. Not only that, as an Auto Repair shop, they need you to help them stay on the move. If their car breaks down and they need to find an auto repair shop, they are going to use their mobile phone and you’re missing out if they can’t access your website.

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Mobile Websites for Automotive Repair Shops – the Benefits of Mobility

Here are just a few examples of why a mobile website is actually an incredibly useful thing to have for any auto repair shop, regardless of industry trends:

  • Automotive Location Based Services – you can include a map on your mobile website that utilizes the GPS capabilities on your customers’ mobile devices in order to provide them with directions to your auto repair shop from wherever they are at any given time. They’ll be able to find you when they need you most.
  • Auto Coupons and Specials – Customers are more likely to swing by and drop their vehicle off for a tune up if you provide your coupons and specials on a mobile platform. They don’t want to stop moving for longer than they have to and mobile coupons will allow them to minimize their downtime and maximize your profits.
  • Auto Appointment Scheduling – offer a way for customers to easily schedule appointments through your auto shop’s mobile site. It will allow them to manage their schedule while on-the-go and you’ll spend less time answering phone calls.
  • Automotive Mobile Invoicing – a lot of your customers take care of their finances via their mobile phones. With a mobile site, you can provide them with fees and invoices that are sent directly to their mobile phones. They’ll appreciate it and you’ll get paid faster.

Mobile Websites – The Logical Move for Auto Repair Shops and Automotive Parts

You specialize in keeping people moving. Why would you want to stop yourself from doing so by sticking with a traditional website? Mobile websites are a no-brainer for auto repair shops. They’ve never been easier to make either.

Mobile Websites for Auto Repair Shops – Where and How

Auto Mobile WebistesCustomers come to you when they want to get mobile again. When you want to get mobile, you need to go to a company like Dudamobile ( They’ve got plans that will fit your budget and the expertise to get you up and running in no time.


Are you currently using WordPress to host your Auto Repair shop’s website? Well, then you need to check out the plug-in that’s been made available by the mobile web experts over at WP Touch ( They’ve got the one-step solution that will transform your WordPress site into a mobile site in no time at all.

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