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Mobile Marketing is promising to revolutionize the world economy with text message marketing, the use of mobile websites and even mobile app development. Don’t miss out on the most powerful marketing tool ever invented. Learn about the incredible benefits of having a mobile marketing strategy for your small business, organization or on line business.

Mobile Websites for Auto Repair ShopsThe way that your customers browse the web is changing. Each day, more and more people rely on their mobile devices, such as tablets and phones, to browse the internet. This is not a bad thing. In fact, for Auto Repair shops and automotive parts suppliers in particular, it may be a very good thing. That is, as long as you have a mobile website.

The fact of the matter is, mobile websites are necessary for every business in this day and age. However, Auto Repair shops, in particular, have a lot to gain from this new shift in technology.

Free Mobile Website

Mobile Websites for Auto Repair Shops – Mobile Solutions for Mobile Problems

Your customers are on the move. Continue Reading

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Mobile Marketing News and TrendsIve gathered some of the recent mobile marketing news from around the web for you.

Its important to always keep up to date on whats going on in the marketing industry and making that very important decision for your business on WHEN to get into mobile.

Mobile Marketing is growing in most industry segments.  Of course its growing in some industries more than others so you need to decide when its going to be your time.  Your time to get into mobile and take advantage of its possibilities for your business.

Mobile Marketing News and Trends from Around the Web

This awesome Coca-Cola campaign shows the vast potential of mobile marketing – The Next Web

The Next WebThis awesome Coca-Cola campaign shows the vast potential of mobile marketingThe Next WebHere's a great example of how mobile and creative thinking can come together to create an original and compelling marketing campaign. Continue Reading

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Call LoopCall Loop is an SMS marketing company and this Call Loop review found them to be affordable, easy to work with, and the premier solution for businesses interested in SMS integration with email campaigns.  Call loop provides Aweber text message integration with email campaigns and autorepsonder providers like Infusionsoft.

This allows companies to conduct a threefold approach to marketing – incorporating email, text, and voice messages simultaneously.  This increases ROI and customer response rates.

Call Loop integrate SMS into email autoresponders including:

  • Nanacast SMS Text IntegrationCall Loop Video
  • Aweber SMS Text Integration
  • MailChimp SMS Text Integration
  • Constant Contact SMS Text Integration
  • iContact SMS Text Integration
  • Get Response SMS Text Integration
  • Infusionsoft SMS Text Integration

Integration is key for an effective email and text message marketing campaign because businesses only need to import contacts one time.  Continue Reading

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Get your Bar/Nightclub Marketing Plan up-to-date with Mobile Phone Marketing

Bar Marketing StrategiesTraditional print marketing and even email campaigns have grown less effective and more expensive as consumers employ advanced spam filters to weed out offers from business and ignore or toss flyers and junk mail without a second glance. Increasingly, nightclubs and bars are turning to mobile marketing companies to help develop mobile marketing strategies to fill seats, sell-out special events and keep business jumping. Best of all, mobile marketing campaigns are much more cost-effective and offer a much higher ROI than any other means of advertising today.

Nightclub Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Consider the case of PACHA, a premier New York nightclub that was dissatisfied with the ROI on their print marketing campaigns which was expensive and not filling their special events or regular club nights with the number of patrons they wanted. Continue Reading

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HealthClub Marketing, Personal Trainer Marketing and Gym Marketing will Never Be the Same

Fitness Marketing StrategiesPersonal trainers are experts at taking weight off clients’ bottoms, but what about your bottom line? Mobile text marketing is a powerful tool that you can use to draw more business in to your gym and help more people improve their fitness.

Here are some ideas for personal trainers to use when implementing bulk SMS marketing programs:

1. Reduce cancellations and no-shows – How frustrating is it when you’re all revved up for a fitness session with a client only to have them cancel at the last minute or just not show up to the gym at all. Continue Reading

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How to Get your Restaurant Marketing Plan into the Mobile Marketing Age

Restaurant Mobile Marketing companiesFor busy restaurateurs interested in mobile marketing, outsourcing your mobile marketing strategy to marketing companies is a viable approach. By working with external resources to set up your mobile websites, text message marketing and mobile apps, you can enjoy the benefits of mobile marketing for restaurants without all the hassle.

Restaurant Mobile Website Design

The basis for your restaurant mobile marketing strategy is a mobile website. Your standard website is not optimized for mobile and may not even render properly on a mobile screen. The good news is, using the services of DudaMobile, you can convert your website to mobile with just a few clicks for free. Continue Reading

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More than 74 million Americans can now browse the internet through their mobile device.  Is your business using a mobile friendly website?  People now prefer to search for movie information, weather, a local restaurant or a nightclub while on the go, rather than having to search on their laptop or PC.

If your potential customers cannot find you easily on their mobile phone they might just go to a competitor for the information they’re looking for.  Did you know that there are companies that can set up a mobile version of your website in minutes?

And the cost for a basic version is less than what you would pay for a yellow pages ad or launching an expensive email or flyer campaign.  Continue Reading

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Take your Fitness Marketing Plan to the Next Level with SMS Mobile Marketing

Health Club Marketing PlanWith spam filters knocking out many sales related emails and people ignoring the remainder, only 2% of email messages for your personal training business are reaching their intended audience. A much more effective way to reach clients and potential clients is by using SMS text marketing and it’s easy enough to develop an effective fitness SMS marketing strategy for your personal training business.

Why use Fitness Text Message Marketing

99% of text messages are ultimately read and 97% of them within minutes of receipt. No other form of advertising can match the instant access to customers granted by bulk SMS marketing. Continue Reading

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