Mobile Marketing for Real Estate Agents

by Michael Armstrong

Mobile Marketing for Real Estate AgentsWith low barriers to entry, real estate mobile marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools in a realtor’s advertising arsenal, combining the power of SMS marketing, mobile websites and mobile app development.

The Mobile Marketing Association’s website features an interesting profile of one of the early adopters of text message marketing for realtors – HouseFront. While no longer in operation, this company pioneered mobile marketing for realtors in a time when no one had even heard of a smart phone.

HouseFront founder James Eberhard said at the time of the launch of their then cutting-edge SMS marketing program, “HouseFront gives the user access to housing information while they stand in front of a home, using technology that nearly every American has in their hand. No one else is providing this kind of data via text messaging.”

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And, in the Mobile Marketing Association profile from back in 2007, Eberhard was quite correct – they had cornered the housing marketing for mobile marketing services. Fast forward five years and nearly 90% of Americans have mobile phones, nearly 50% of these being smart phones. Now more than ever, the demand for instant information has skyrocketed.

Mobile marketing companies are helping realtors just like you more effectively market your listed properties and shorten the sales cycle to accelerate closings. Effective real estate mobile marketing strategies integrate mobile websites with text message marketing and for the most creative marketers, even mobile app development.

HouseFront’s founder displayed an uncanny sense of the relevance of mobile marketing, particularly given the timing. His words resonate even now when he said, “The mobile phone is now the access point by which people get information. The quicker and more directly we can access information, the more informed we are as consumers…”

Mobile marketing companies can help realtors shorten the sales cycle by supplying relevant information rapidly to consumers that demand instant access to what they want and need. Real estate SMS marketing aptly fills this need by using integrated mobile marketing services that trigger immediate access to property details such as number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, amenities and pricing.

All of this critical information can be provided via either a mobile website or through a text message marketing campaign. The allure of instant access to information encourages potential buyers to engage in interactive mobile marketing with realtors using SMS marketing.


A more recent innovator in real estate mobile marketing, Slyce Marketing, touted last year why their mobile marketing services are so effective. Slyce’s co-founder Viktoria Lindskog said, “We’ve identified the limitations of common real estate marketing practices and have developed strategies that enable digital technology to streamline processes for realtors.” Slyce Marketing’s outlook on real estate mobile marketing is that it may be “the new saving grace for real estate.”

Mobile marketing companies are prepared to help realtors reach out to potential clients, offering them instant information via mobile websites, text message marketing and mobile app development. The Mobile Marketing Association stresses that all SMS marketing communications contain an opt-in component to avoid sending unwanted messages to consumers. Beyond this best-practice, there is virtually no limit to how realtors can creatively provide information about their listed properties using real estate mobile marketing.

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