Mobile Apps for Businesses – Who Needs an App?

by Michael Armstrong

Mobile Apps for Businesses – Who Needs an App?

Does your Business Need a Mobile App – Business Marketing

Mobile apps now make up the largest amount of time people spend on their mobile devices. Of course, the big ones like Facebook, Gmail and Angry Birds are popular, but more and more small businesses are building mobile apps to encourage branding, for special promotions and more. It is now easier and more cost effective than ever for any business to create mobile apps whether iPhone apps or Android apps.

Close to 40% of adults routinely download apps to their smart phones which have doubled over the last two years. You may have never considered creating custom mobile apps for your business – you may have thought it was out of your league – in terms of both marketing and budget.

But more and more small businesses are finding it increasingly affordable to jump into mobile app development outsourcing with a conduit such as ODesk or ELance. Some of the types of businesses that are exploring app creation include:

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  • Realtors
  • Lawyers – Law Firms
  • Spas – Hair Salons
  • Religious Organizations – Churches
  • Nonprofits
  • Car Dealerships
  • Healthcare

Finding mobile apps developers using outsource sites is easy enough and makes the process of outsourcing mobile app creation more affordable and manageable. Some of the reasons small businesses are building mobile apps is to meet both short term and long term needs.

Short Term Usage Apps –

Many companies and organizations build mobile apps intending them to be used for only a short while, such as for a contest or promotion. It’s particularly simple to create mobile apps for specific short-term uses like these. For instance, many promotions may want you to create a video or photos with a specific theme and the custom mobile apps can be a tool to add captions, special effects or other items and to facilitate submission of the entry.

Some of the kinds of businesses that build mobile apps for promotional short term use include:

  • Restaurants
  • Entertainment/Bands
  • Fitness Centers – Gyms
  • Retail Stores
  • Bars & Nightclubs
  • Hotels – Resorts

Long Term Usage Apps –

Still other companies that are considering building mobile apps and working with a mobile apps developer want to invest in a long-term app that customers will use again and again. Whatever the reason for mobile app development, outsourcing is a very cost-effective solution for businesses of all size.

There are all manner of different long-term tools that your company can create mobile apps to do – entertain, fulfill a need, solve a problem or facilitate a transaction of some sort. Custom mobile apps can be as simple as a little game or as complex as an interior design or landscaping or makeover app that can easily be developed by mobile apps developers you can find through an outsourcing service such as ODesk or ELance.

Whether or not you already have a concept, a mobile apps developer can brainstorm with you to come up with app ideas that might appeal to your company. ODesk and ELance have a wide array of mobile apps developers to help you build mobile apps for your small business. With mobile app development continuing to become more widespread and commonplace, hiring a mobile apps developer also is growing more and more affordable.

Whether you choose a short-term or long-term mobile app – whether you prefer a game, a contest app, a utility, tool or problem solving app, mobile app development outsourcing can get you there faster and more affordably than you ever thought possible.

Build a Small Business App

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