How to Outsource the Development of your Android Apps

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Outsourcing Android App Development is Cost Effective

Outsourcing Mobile AppsIf you are a small business owner looking to get into or expand your mobile marketing program, mobile app development is the next growth area you should consider. Mobile apps are being downloaded by t millions each month and one of the largest growth areas is in mobile apps development for the Android platform marketplace.

Where the iPhone was once king of the apps domain, Android is the tough new kid on the block. Apple boasts over 800,000 apps in its store, with more every day, but Android now offers 700,000 and is also growing.

Android Apps are the Top Dog

A recent MSNBC article comparing iPhone to Android apps declared Android top dog for social media and streaming music apps and declared them a tie for eBooks and dining out apps. What’s more interesting too is that Apple limits developers and development tools while Android, working with Google, makes its tools and development sources free for all who are interested.

Local mobile app development companies can easily build mobile apps on the Android platform for your small business, but outsourcing to an offshore source may be a much more affordable alternative. Using a local mobile apps developer for your small business Android app can be more costly than outsourcing it not to mention more risky.

Many people have a misperception about outsourcing. They think they will be sending money to a foreign country and possibly not get anything in return. In fact, outsourcing mobile apps development is usually less risky than working with a local mobile app development company.

Local mobile app development companies will usually require a hefty retainer to begin your mobile app development project and then will charge you steep hourly rates for a developer. But when you outsource, you will be able to layout your project specifications and keep your fee secured in an escrow account until a satisfactory product has been delivered to you.

Two of the best outsourcing portal sites are Elance and Odesk where you can easily find a mobile app developer for your project there. After a simple sign up process, you can look at their advice for how to post a project to get the most competitive bids and select the professional that will best suit your mobile app development project.

Another benefit to outsourcing your Android mobile apps development project is that you will be in the driver’s seat. When you contract a local mobile marketing company, you are dealing with them one on one so they have an element of control.

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However, when you post a project on one of the outsourcing sites, you will get a number of responses to choose from which puts you in control of the process. Remember that signing up to post your mobile app project on line is completely free and you will receive numerous bids from experienced mobile app developers around the world.

By outsourcing your Android mobile app, you’ll be able to expand your brand recognition and open a new marketing channel between you and your customers. Embracing the technology preferred by your customers keeps you relevant and successful.

Take your small business marketing plan to the next level and look into new mobile marketing strategies like text message marketing, mobile websites and mobile app marketing.  

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Peter Danaher December 22, 2012 at 10:10 pm

Great post. Millions of android devices are being activated each day and the number grows on everyday. The good thing about sites like elance and odesk is that they allow you to hire people to make apps for just around $200 to $300 which would otherwise cost you 1000$.

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