How SMS Text Marketing Will Increase Personal Training Sales

by Michael Armstrong

Take your Fitness Marketing Plan to the Next Level with SMS Mobile Marketing

Health Club Marketing PlanWith spam filters knocking out many sales related emails and people ignoring the remainder, only 2% of email messages for your personal training business are reaching their intended audience. A much more effective way to reach clients and potential clients is by using SMS text marketing and it’s easy enough to develop an effective fitness SMS marketing strategy for your personal training business.

Why use Fitness Text Message Marketing

99% of text messages are ultimately read and 97% of them within minutes of receipt. No other form of advertising can match the instant access to customers granted by bulk SMS marketing. By developing an SMS marketing strategy, you can achieve more sales as a personal trainer than by using any other methods or means of marketing your services.

Health Club and Fitness SMS Marketing Campaigns – Getting Started

The first step in a text marketing campaign is getting clients and potential clients to sign up for your text messages. To get people to opt-in, you need to offer them something of value. If your personal training business is slow, the easiest thing to offer is a slice of your time. You can offer free 10 or 15 minute training sessions in exchange for them opting in to your text list. For existing customers, offer to extend their session for 10 minutes or offer a small discount for an opt-in. In order to run an effective text marketing campaign, you’ll need SMS marketing software or a text message company to help you. Trumpia offers a free trial and can get you set up with a bulk SMS marketing account right away.

If you work with a specific gym or a number of gyms, ask if they can post your offer on their website, on their countertops or if you can put flyers in the locker rooms. Once you start receiving texts, respond immediately and set up a personal training session as promised. When you meet with them, be sure to listen to their needs and work with them for the full amount of time promised, but no more. You want to leave them wanting more of you.

If they make an excuse not to schedule another session, walk away politely and then follow up with a text in 24 hours offering them an appointment for personal trainer services at their convenience and offer a small discount off if they book immediately. If they don’t book, move them into a category on your text list for potential, but not active customers.

healthclub marketing strategy training

For those that do book with you, they will part of your ongoing text marketing campaign. Anyone who has a personal trainer session with you and books another session (or hopefully is on recurring pre-set sessions) should get bulk SMS marketing reminders to keep them coming to sessions and on-track. For those who prefer to book sessions one at a time, you can have them on a SMS text marketing list to remind them to make appointments each week after their training session.

Because personal trainers are offering personal services, it’s critical that communications feel personal, even if they are drafted to use for bulk SMS marketing purposes. By segmenting your SMS text marketing list into like-categories, you can streamline your communications process while still satisfying your clients’ desire for a one-on-one feel.

By using an SMS marketing strategy, you can reach more people more effectively using less of your time and less of your money to build your personal training business while increasing your client base which in turn drives sales!

Take your personal trainer marketing strategy to the next level and start looking into new mobile marketing strategies like text message marketing, mobile websites and mobile app design.  

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