How Churches are Using SMS Text Marketing

by Michael Armstrong

SMS marketing for Churches

SMS Text Marketing for Churches

What phone trees were two decades ago, bulk SMS marketing is today. Text marketing is the fastest way to contact your entire church body or just a segment of it – to let them know of a church closing, special event, critical prayer need and more.

Where emails often languish unread in the inbox or spam mail folder, 99% of texts are read, 97% within minutes of receipt. If you want to communicate instantly and effectively with your church members, text message marketing is the lowest-cost way to do so.

If you already have an email marketing strategy and you want to add sms marketing, read our Call Loop Review.

Does your church already have a mobile marketing strategy in place? Perhaps you have a mobile website already, but are you using SMS marketing to reach out? If not, it’s easy to start a text marketing campaign for your church. One of the simplest ways is to engage to help administer your program.

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Using low-cost text marketing software, you can easily integrate text marketing into your church marketing and worship program in a great variety of ways. Here are some ways churches are using SMS text marketing:

To enrich worship and special events services – some churches set up an interface where text comments and feedback or prayer requests can come in and be projected on a screen or read by the minister to make the message more timely and meaningful

To inspire people outside of worship – many churches use SMS marketing to send out bible verses, inspirational thoughts and questions that tie back to sermons and classes to keep people engaged all week in worship

To be inclusive in worship – some churches are using text message marketing to reach out to deaf worshippers to allow them to enjoy worship services more fully and be integrated in a way that’s not possible without technology

To raise funds or promote events – some churches use text marketing campaigns to remind their flock of needed contributions, upcoming special events and reminders about capital campaigns such as building projects, etc.

To engage teens – SMS marketing is one of the best ways to reach your church youth who seem to be attached 24/7 to their phones.

Your church can use text marketing software to segment your church’s mobile database into more useful divisions. Being able to send bulk SMS marketing messages to specific groups allows you to communicate more effectively. Sending text marketing messages about an upcoming youth rally to your senior worshippers is a waste of your time and theirs. But successfully deploying your mobile marketing strategy to communicate relevant events to the right audience can increase participation and satisfaction.

An effective mobile marketing strategy using bulk SMS marketing can help your church to:

Increase intimacy between pastor and flock – by texting directly to the congregation from the pulpit, you can make people more at ease – by allowing text messaging of questions directly to the pastor, you may get more responses than you would by asking for a show of hands

Resonating your sermon messages – by using text message marketing to send follow-up thoughts and questions after a sermon, you can enrich your message by keeping your flock engaged and thinking about your sermon all week long

An effective text marketing campaign can be launched using low-cost text marketing software or an online service such as to allow you to communicate more effectively with your flock and enrich their worship experience.

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