High School Sports Benefit from SMS Text Message Marketing

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SMS Text Message MarketingSMS marketing for high schools is the best new way to bring students in for the sports games!   Most of the students in your high school carry cell phones.   Maybe you have a no cell phone policy inside the school, but it probably doesn’t stop most from bringing them in.  73% of all high school students carry cell phones, so what better way could you bring them to the sports events, than to advertise it to them through their cell phones?

You need to use what works; and business all over the world have found that mobile marketing works.   SMS marketing to your high school students will help grow the support of your sports teams and help you make the money the school needs to keep the sports teams performing.

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How Schools are using SMS Text Message Marketing

SMS marketing for high schools targets more than just the student body.   With SMS marketing for high schools you’re going to be able to market your events and donation ideas to the parents.   You’re going to begin reaching your goals faster and with more comfort than ever before.    Text message marketing is going to allow you to bulk text all parents and inform them of parent teacher meetings, dancers, fundraisers, games and many other things.   You possibilities are endless and the way you choose to approach this new concept is completely up to you and your school.

Parents work, and that sometimes makes it harder to get in contact with them during school hours to tell them about things that are going on.   With SMS marketing for high schools, you’re going to be able to send them a text message that will link them to your mobile website and will provide the important information.

Your mobile website will allow students, parents, and potential members stay up to date on what is going on at the school and with the students.   You’ll be able to post birthdays, so that no student ever feels left out; you’ll be able to send out invitations to events and much more.

How to Get Started using Text Message Marketing

Sports SMS MarketingIf you’re unsure how to get started with your mobile marketing, that’s okay.   You don’t have to be a pro to get this going or keep it updated.    Mobile marketing websites like Trumpia are here to help you get on the road to mobile website perfection!

With Trumpia you can sign up for a free trial and see all the benefits of having a mobile website for your high school.   You won’t be disappointed once you see all of the benefits that are included, and the cost to buy the mobile marketing software is far within your budget; no matter what your budget is.

SMS marketing for high schools is an amazing way to get your information heard and reach the goals that you desire.     With SMS marketing for high schools, you’ll be sending home less paper and informing parents of things straight through their cell phone.   With mobile marketing you’ll be able to post events, inform parents of grades, and request chaperones for the dance.

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You can do anything that your high school needs done with this type of mobile marketing.   You have nothing to lose, and your school will really benefit from the use of SMS mobile marketing.   Get started today, and see the difference in your next school year!


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Ali Sarrafi December 23, 2012 at 3:52 am

A lot of schools have been using mobile marketing strategies for quite some time now. The biggest benefit to schools is that this is a channel where you can immediately reach your students literally in real time. There is just no other way to accomplish this.

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