Text Message Marketing for Political Fundraising

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Text Message Marketing for Political Fundraising

The Federal Election Commission is considering an option to allow political campaign donations using text message marketing of $50 or less to be made using mobile phones. While this is still on the table, the Obama re-election campaign has found a workaround that is enabling them to raise big bucks with little effort or cost using SMS marketing. His new one-click donation program may change the political fundraising landscape forever.

When you donate to the Obama campaign using a credit card, you are prompted to become part of their “Quick Donate” program which works much like Amazon.com’s one-click purchase program. The Obama re-election campaign is now sending out bulk SMS messages asking people if they would like to donate again using the same credit card information already on file.

One recent missive from this text message marketing campaign read, “Support Pres Obama in less than a minute using our new secure system: just reply with the amount you want to give and we’ll charge your saved credit card.”

In the past, charitable organizations have successfully used text message marketing software and their SMS marketing service to invite people to text a code to a number to donate a set amount and the amount was tacked onto their cell phone bills. Cell phone providers have limited this type of bulk SMS fundraising to charities, although recent lobbying is intent on changing this and opening up text message marketing for politicians to fundraise.

Obama’s recent fundraising text message marketing campaign was reportedly 20 times more effective than any other SMS marketing message the campaign has sent out. This workaround may be a break-through for raising funds using text message marketing for politicians. And while Obama is using his SMS marketing service quite effectively, this is not the domain of either Democrat or Republican candidates, but rather an evolution of the Democratic process overall.

Political fundraising is more challenging than ever as the recession is still impacting a great number of American households, but SMS marketing can help by enabling candidates to solicit a greater volume of smaller donations rather than just larger ones. Bulk SMS marketing to fundraise can avoid high credit card processing fees and other costly aspects of fundraising. And by managing your text message marketing software in-house, you can reduce the cost of text marketing as well.

Fundraising using text message marketing for politicians can also be highly effective because messages can be sent immediately. If you manage your own text message marketing software, you can create and send a text message within minutes. For instance, if you time your text message marketing campaign requests to coincide with unpopular speeches made by the opposition or right after a successful debate, you can reach out to supporters when emotions are running high in support of your candidate or against your opponent.

Whatever the Federal Election Commission decides on the text message political fundraising issue, clever campaigns will continue to find workarounds such as the Obama campaign did to most successfully leverage their SMS marketing service to maximize campaign contributions.

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