Political Text Message Marketing Campaigns

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Political Text Message Marketing Campaigns

Political SMS Marketing

If you are managing or working on a political campaign, Democrat or Republican, text message marketing for politicians can be the difference between a win or a loss for your candidate. There are a number of ways to implement an SMS marketing campaign for your candidate – from QR codes to opt-in links from your mobile websites, it’s easy to get people to sign up for your text message database.

QR codes can be placed on all of your signage, flyers, placards and campaign vehicles. When scanned, the QR codes can take people directly to an opt-in link where they can join your bulk SMS marketing list. After that, their number is part of the database on your SMS marketing software.

If you don’t want to deal with managing your own bulk SMS marketing program, you can use a text message marketing service such as Tatango. Using text message marketing specifically customized for politicians was instrumental in Obama’s 2008 win. According to an article on political SMS marketing on GigaOm, “most elections are won by fewer than 10 percentage points… so the game is all about finding the 5 to 10 percent of the population that can swing the election.”

Tatango Review Free Political SMS Trial

SMS marketing software may be the lowest cost, highest impact tool you can spend campaign dollars on – in fact bulk SMS marketing allows your candidate to send out messages directly to the voter base that can energize and inform them in real time, wherever they are.

History shows that when a text message marketing for politicians focused strategy is used in conjunction with traditional approaches, the results are remarkable. Some of these include reminding voters of election registration dates, deadlines for mail-ins and invites to local campaign events. SMS marketing can be used to inform voters, remind them of important cutoffs to participate in elections and invite them to vote on Election Day.

Mobile marketing has become an intrinsic part of the Democratic process. A text message marketing service such as Tatango can easily get your texting campaign off to a quick start. If you prefer to manage the process in-house, perhaps if you have a technical advisor on staff already handling your mobile websites and other similar services, you can find low cost software to get you started.

Once you have the service or set-up taken care of, you’re ready to begin using your text message marketing service. If your message is well-crafted, you can leave each voter you reach with the impression that they are receiving a personal message from you even though it actually a bulk SMS marketing message.

One of the best ways to segment your list is to use unique QR codes and text codes at different events so you can build lists of younger voters, older voters, geographically targeted voters and more. The more you can make the text message personalized to the voter demographic or situation, the more effective the message will be in inspiring them to take action – whether you are encouraging them to register to vote, to mail in an absentee ballot or to stop by the polls on election day.

One of the Top Text Message Marketing Platforms for Politicians is from Tatango.   Please contact Tatango Today to learn more.

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